Let's Support Heroes

Press Release "Let's Support Heroes"

Schwarzkopf launches the "Support the Heroes" action.

As you know, during the pandemic, doctors were forced to find themselves alone in the fight against a terrible disease that claimed the lives of more than a million people around the world.

Today, there is still a need for protective equipment, especially in medical institutions, where the risk of infection is still high. Therefore, from October 12 to December 6, 2020, Schwarzkopf, together with the public Fund " Miloserdie", is launching an action in which medical institutions will purchase and transfer protective equipment*.

 Buying Schwarzkopf ** products in SMALL & Skif stores, you are guaranteed to transfer 20 tenge to the fund to support doctors.

Schwarzkopf and SMALL & Skif would like to thank the healthcare professionals who are saving lives in this pandemic and hopes to make their dedicated work safer.

*Disposable protective coverall

Disposable dressing gowns

Shoe covers

Disposable masks

Disposable medical caps


Non-sterile gloves

Sterile gloves


Oxygen concentrator

Bloomer (apparatus Bobrov)

Pulse oximeter

Automated syringe dispenser

Multi-function medical bedside patient monitor

Medical suction device

Oxygen cannula (nasal line)

Oxygen mask

**Schauma, Gliss Kur, got2b, Taft, Palette, Luminance, Perfect Mousse